Furnace Creek: Electronic Music Ambient Industrial Noise Synthesizer Synth Audio Visual Performance Art. Asheville North Carolina. Scott Rader. David Smallwood.

Ambient Synth Doom. Electronica for the End Times. Where Cormac McCarthy and Philip K. Dick envision psychedelic post-global catastrophe Native America, this is the soundtrack.

Post-Apocalyptic Jean Michel Jarre

[Corinthian Chronicles]

If Tangerine Dream was actually a nightmare about the end of existence

[The Useless Press]

... '火災で構成されたオーディオが吹雪く !!

[Golden BUGBEAR Osaka]



Scott Rader, Furnace Creek
Scott Rader
[ Sequencing, Samples ]


David Smallwood, Furnace Creek
David Smallwood
[ Synthesizers ]


Furnace Creek Performing Live at Capone's Johnson City April 14, 2018


Furnace Creek Performing Live at Mammal Gallery Atlanta February 21, 2018
Furnace Creek Performing Live at Cataclysm 2017 Western Carolina University November 16, 2017
Furnace Creek Performing Live at The Hideaway for She Blinded Me with Boxcutters Split October 26, 2017



Asheville, North Carolina & Tri-Cities, Tennessee